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A Safe Place, 2017.

Sculpture installation.

Galleri KHM, Malmö.

photos by Jenny Ekholm

An industrial building can function as some kind of base, a hidden chamber of white walls in a sturdy construction of bricks and concrete. The building is not set in the city centre, but rather on the outskirts, making it easy to move in and out of the city. Enter the chosen premises through a window. The space is located on the second floor, high enough so that you’re not too exposed to the street and the people outside, low enough to jump if you need to make a hasty exit. A large open staircase can be controlled and even blocked from the second floor, and restricting access to the gallery rooms there are two heavy lockable doors. In buildings like this there is a goods elevator located at the back and as a last resort use the elevator shaft to get out when the electricity has shut down. There is an air-raid shelter on the first floor or in the basement. Block any windows in the space, except one, which can be used as a third exit. The spacious gallery rooms will leave you exposed and it will be difficult to keep the heat up. Instead make use of smaller spaces, for example a video room or a closed storage room, as they are easier to heat and stay hidden. Be sure that you have a second exit from this room, create a small hole in the wall if necessary. Always be ready to leave, to change location.

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