Kattliknande Viskningar i Råttliknande Drömmar, 2019

(Catlike Whispers in Ratlike Dreams)

Celsius Projects, Malmö. 

Sculpture installation.

photos by Anders S. Solberg

All the components have been removed from a wheelbarrow; all that remains is the rusting barrow. Shell rot is a condition where turtles develop ulcers of the shell. The ulcers can become infected and penetrate through the shell. Six broken cement shovels are neatly stacked on top of each other. The exposed and broken ribcage of a fallen animal. One white bicycle seat, a cheap plastic knock-off imitation of a Brooks saddle where the plastic is deteriorating and developing cracks. An animal skull hangs on the wall as a warning
or a trophy. The bottom of an empty machine crate is covered in a black layer of soot, dirt, oil and grease. An open casket; the coffin is open for people to see the body, the body is missing. An empty red chair; a chair is shaped after the human body to sustain weight in a position of rest. The body has disintegrated into a puddle of brown engine oil. An old coffee can has become the container for identical metal parts, the function is unclear, dead weight. The Norwegian workers breakfast was once composed of a combination of coffee grounds, dry breadcrumbs and sugar stirred into a porridge.