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Transmission Area, 2015.


GIRLS! GIRLS!, group show, pop up one night exhibition squatting the Norra Sorgenfri bus garage in Malmö.

generator, microphone, microphone stand, amplifier, handmade HAM radio transmitter, radio. 

The work transmitted the sound from the running generator, keeping the exhibition with power, through recording the sound live with a microphone running it through an amplifier and then through a homemade mini radio transmitter. The transmitter would transmitt an unstable and shifting transmission of the sound within a very limited area. A pirate radio transmission throughout a space that for the one evening was squatted by the exhibition. The transmission could be heard on and off on a radio placed in the space. GIRLS! GIRLS! was the title of the show, taken from large tags written on the outside wall of the venue, that I curated suqtting thehuge empty bus garage in an abandoned bus garage. Little did we know that the buildings would in the future become the main building of the Malmö Art Academy, which after much political despute would be thrown out of their current building. 

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